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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing individualised support for people with a permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. Disability could affect anyone so having the right support makes a big difference. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the independent agency responsible for implementing the NDIS in WA.

On 2 December 2016 the Western Australian Government announced that WA would have a State administered NDIS.

The Disability Services Commission has provided additional information to answer some of the questions arisen following the decision to have a State administered national scheme.

  • The WA NDIS is the NDIS. It’s the same national scheme. The WA NDIS delivers the Scheme locally.
  • West Australians with disability will gain access to all the benefits of the national Scheme with the added benefit of support informed by local knowledge and connections
  • People with disability will not be disadvantaged in any way in comparison with people participating in the Scheme across the country
  • WA actively participates in NDIS policy development with the Commonwealth Government and other States and Territories. WA NDIS policies reflect this close alignment with national policy requirements.
  • A State run model allows the operational policies guiding the Scheme in Western Australia to respond to the local environment

Accessing Services

Individuals will need to apply to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to ensure they are eligible for NDIS funding. Once they are deemed eligible a planning meeting is set up between the participant and NDIA to discuss the type of goals the participant would like to achieve. Funding is then allocated to help the participant achieve those goals. The participant can then choose any registered NDIS service provider to facilitate their NDIS plans.

When the NDIS becomes available in your area you may be eligible for the NDIS if:

  • You live in Australia and are an Australian Citizen, Permanent resident or hold a protected special category visa.
  • You are aged between 0 – 65 (although already enrolled participants, once they turn 65, can choose either to continue with the NDIS or transfer to the aged care support system available to all Australians 65)
  • You have a disability that is permanent or likely to be permanent which has an impact on your functional capacity to communicate, interact socially, move safely around your home and the community or manage your personal care or affairs (banking, bill paying etc.)

You can access more information on NDIS eligibility criteria at:

To understand more about the NDIS and the pathway you will follow to gain access watch this video:


Types of support available

  • Development of daily living and life skills
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • Training for independence in travel and transport
  • Assistance with daily personal activities

Guidelines set out in the NDIS Act help to decide what can be funded, but generally the supports and services provided to you, if eligible, need to assist you to:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Become as independent as possible
  • Develop skills for day-to-day living
  • Participate in the community
  • Participate in education or work and earn money

What service providers can I access?

NDIS funding means that, as a participant, you are completely in control. You have the ability to choose who you would like to use as your support service provider. You must remember if you choose the NDIA to manage your plan a service provider must be a registered NDIS service provider.

You can choose to receive support from a provider who is not a registered provider of support but you may need to manage that part of your plan yourself, appoint a nominee to manage it on your behalf, or have a registered plan management provider manage it for you.

You can also have collaboration between service providers and community/local support services.

How do I contact the NDIA?

You can contact them on 1800 800 110.

The NDIA’s main functions are:

  • Delivering the NDIS
  • Managing, advising and reporting on NDIS finances
  • Promoting awareness of disabilities and disability issues
  • Collecting data about disabilities and disability support
  • Conducting research into disability and disability support

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